Chapter born

Hello you dear readers!

Today I have extracted some special treat from the 40k Fanon wiki on this site. The fabled stories of the Scarlet Beasts space marine chapter, which 2nd company elements are on my table, waiting to be painted and assembled.

But, into the fluffy part then.
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Gregora sector

Fan-made sector in the Segmentum Ultima

Hell yeah babies! I have had this one up and running for some time, but I’ll introduce you dear readers into it here too.

Behold, the Gregora sector!


Yes well… It probably isn’t the very best name for a sector, but that is not the point anyway! Gregora sector is my one-man project I have been working on for a while now. My goal here is to create and write the history of an entire Imperial sector all the way from M34 to M41. Above I have this map I created with Artflow-app on my old Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition -tablet. I do have a little perversion towards all kinds of maps so I might just do this again as it happens to be made in a little small resolution… shame on me. The map was inspired of the well-known and well-liked Eisenhorn series’ map about the Scarus sector written by Dan Abnett in early 2000s. Now as I look the map… I really think I should just do it all again… it is a bit plain to be honest. Continue reading “Gregora sector”