Hello you there! Seems you stumbled on my page of warhammering so what if I say few words about myself. This page is about my miniature hobby, which is on a break from time to time and then back on my mind the rest of the time. What I ment to say, is that my update pace changes wildly, bear with it.

But a bit about myself then, eh?

I am from the year ’92. I was bred and born in a small village in the north, far, far away from the populous southern states. Here the summer is brought forth by the indulgent foehn, which gently rolls down from the mountains and clears the air of the winter clouds. In the summer the days get longer and longer until it is time for the St John the Baptist’s feast. Folk here get cheery, and sunburned like myself, during the long days and evenings of the late summer, until the son of Zebedee throws the cold stone into the water. Then the nights grow colder and evenings darker. When the Autumn arrives, begins the harvest work. Children return to school and men back to the lathe. Then we’ll wait for the slush and the brisk mornings and how the days grow shorter and shorter till the darkest days are upon us. Then starts the advent and it is time to sit down and fast and to wait for the Christmas to come. The winter winds come howling down from the vast eastern expanses and snow falls on ground, covering the whole creation in a beautiful, yet silent mantle. Then we’ll wait till the days begin to grow once again, and the sun starts to warm the shining snow blanket.

Yeah. That’s what it is like when I think on it. However, nowadays I live in a city, where the salt-covered slush smutches the roads and apartments alike. People are ignorant and vile, and in the summer the vehicle-raised dust dirties your clothes and brings tears in your eyes. Everyone are in a great rush and so interested about their own self that they have no time or wits to think about the world around them.

As a person, and when it comes to everyday life, I think I have a quite conservative look on life. I believe in equality; in equal rights, and in responsibilities as well. I have done fairly long volunteer-career with children and youth, and think that work is a reward by itself. “You reap what you sow”, is an acronym I like to use, I also place heavy emphasis on ideas such as “suum cuique“. It comes as no surprise I believe that I value strong and firm authorities, vote for the empowering of official authority such as police and generally think that all crimes should be punished a lot more severely. I favor local providers and think that globalization has brought nothing, if not misery, on us. I uphold green values, even if the loss of a good ol’ beef is going to get extinct because of them, and see our future in ever more complex technologies. I think that it is the government’s duty to take care of its people, and that its people should provide the means to it.

But! Enough of my political views, they are rather tedious anyway. I was graduated as producer of tourism programmes but was employed into a local pub as a bartender. That is what I’ve been doing for few years now. Not long ago I started to study information and communication technologies in an university of applied sciences.

As I said in my first blog post, I – as many others – have some troubled times with the painting of minis. I have handful of minis now on my table, waiting to get washed of the dust covering them so I can get my hands on them. I’m also about to stretch my fingers and write some fan-fluff, and to sharpen my pen to draw some artwork. And that is what this blog is about. About my miniatures hobby and all that is related to it.