Razors color pattern

Hello my dear readers once again!

I’ve been thinking about these Razors I have and been looking for some ideas for distinctive color pattern.

Sadly though there were only a few inspiring color schemes… apparently Rhinos and Razors don’t generally enjoy such love from hobbyist. The old schemes above are from the golden RT era.

If I may give you a friendly advice, do not assemble the razorback’s turret before you paint it… I mean, that is one hell of a job then.

I think I’ll go with that scheme on the right. It’ll look good enough for me!

I also found this one below for a fair price of 16 euros! I’m still not sure what to do with it, but I am quite intrigued to make it chaos Leman Russ.

It has quite heavy paint on it already so giving it a new undercoat seems a bit stupid… maybe I’ll just fill it with green stuff and make it chaos!

Thank you, Remos.


Author: Remos

A hobbyist-artist, casual gamer, and an apprentice of wargaming.

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