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Today I have extracted some special treat from the 40k Fanon wiki on this site. The fabled stories of the Scarlet Beasts space marine chapter, which 2nd company elements are on my table, waiting to be painted and assembled.

But, into the fluffy part then.

Scarlet Beasts

The Scarlet Beasts were an old 6th Founding Codex-compliant chapter. Similar to the Brazen Claws chapter, the Scarlet Beasts were one of the few Codex chapters hailing from the gene-stock of the Iron Hands and the Primarch Ferrus Manus.

Praised throughout the many millennia they served the Imperium of Mankind, the Scarlet Beasts earned fierce, unyielding and succesfull reputation amongst the ranks of the Astartes even if they faced many misfortunes and hardships. Last records about the Scarlet Beasts were made during the 39th Millennium and it is believed that the whole chapter had perished while fighting the Eldar in the lower galactic plane.


No notable flaws exist in Scarlet Beasts’ geneseed. The chapter’s members use extensive amount of bionics, usually replacing their completely healthy organs such as eyes, heart(s), skull and hands. However, it is not as visible or common as the trend tends to be within other successors of the Great Gorgon.

Chapter culture

Chapter Culture was, as can be guessed, highly influenced by the creeds of the Codex Astartes. Chapter also had quite peculiar faith and relation to the Emperor, Master of Mankind.

“Like father, like son.”

— Captain Cleopax of the Salamanders

Stalwart defenders and stubborn assaulters, the unyielding nature of Scarlet Beasts was well known and much revered. The chapter did however have a much more sinister side too which was mostly shunned and hushed after the great victories they performed with few casualties. You see, Scarlet Beasts were known of extreme brutality and nigh savageness when it came to those they suspected of heresy or rebellious thoughts. This was propably the only clearly visible trait given to the Scarlet Beasts by their primogenitor. It is also speculated that these traits, pooled together, led to the chapter’s destruction.

Appearance and Heraldry

The colors of the Scarlet Beasts are scarlet and grey. Scarlet is used for weapons, backpacks, shoulder pauldrons and for right knee pads. Left knee shows the company color. Crest aquila (if present) is golden.

According to the Scarlet Season, an old and venerated tome of the chapter, each member of the chapter is allowed to paint his helmet with scarlet red. It is however strictly controlled, what shapes and in what sizes, are allowed to be painted on the helmet. Usual paintings include lightning pattern, halved and even quartered. Helmet stripes are also common and especially veterans of the first company favor these marks. It has come into practice that any such painting refers to certain battle or gained skill. This is the reason why lightning pattern is usually replaced with quartered or halved color when one moves from assault squad into devastator squad, and finally painted fully when the “rank” of a tactical marine is achieved. Some never paint their helmets, finding no suitable reason or particular feat from themselves to be shown to their brethren.

Chapter symbol can be found, as supposed, from the left shoulder pauldron painted with grey on scarlet. Those who have gained the honor to wear tactical dreadnought armor wear their chapter’s symbol on the right pauldron, as do chapter’s specialists.

Chapter’s commanders are allowed to carry personal crests on their armor, usually in front of another armpit. These tend to be simple geometric patterns, further bolstered with baroque details by the aspirants of the Librarium, after the commander has died.


As tends to be the habit with fleet-based chapters, Scarlet Beasts were granted the privilege of recruiting new members from any Imperial world that had not reached the atomic era-equalent. In practice this ment feral and feudal worlds. When the chapter gained its homeworld its recruits were bound only on that particular planet. After losing their homeworld during the Second Gregoran Reformation, the chapter was denied of the right to recruit new members from any other world and they were commanded on a penitent crusade of one hundred years in order to hone their ranks worthy enough to recruit new members. When the crusade was over, the Lord Sector Gregora Immanuel granted the Scarlet Beasts a freedom to recruit from any world they saw fit, which was part of the Gregora sector.

As such is the case, the Scarlet Beasts do not have a specific chapter culture that would resemble their homeworld, for their recruits came from various worlds within Gregora sector. The chapter was known to favor the worlds of Feral Circle, and Three Knights, but also recruited from the civilised worlds too. Especially from the ranks of Whiteshields, who were quite common after the Second Gregoran Reformation.

As the time went by, the chapter ventured ever further into other areas and warzones and did not come back to Gregora sector to take new recruits from Feral Circle or Three Knights. They were granted rights to recruit new members from various locations in the areas they left under Imperial rule.

Wish for more?

If you wish for some more, I have a some events written for the chapter as well in 40k Fanon wiki’s article, the Scarlet Beasts.

Tell me what you liked about Scarlet Beasts so far!



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