Formation presented

Well, well, well. So I did unbox those old figures from my boxes and spred them on the table.

Here are few pics of what I’m about to work on in the future:

So here we have few groupshots of my figures. There’s elements for few 5 -man tactical squads and for 10 -man assault squads as well as few terminators and of course the cavalry.

I couldn’t find the old army list I had made for these guys, but it doesn’t really matter as it was made with the Blood Angels’ 5th Edition codex. It did include few 5 -man tactical squads in Razorbacks with TL-lascannons, and 10 -man assault squads with a fisting sergeant and two meltaguns. I can’t really find any HQ figure so I guess I just didn’t have one, it most likely was a Reclusiarch.

I think that the “new” formation based army listing is a bit odd, so I need to really go and get that big rules book so I can start planning this stuff better. However, I think I just begin to paint these what I have here now and focus on the army list later.

But, with best regards,



Author: Remos

A hobbyist-artist, casual gamer, and an apprentice of wargaming.

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