Gregora sector

Fan-made sector in the Segmentum Ultima


Hell yeah babies! I have had this one up and running for some time, but I’ll introduce you dear readers into it here too.

Behold, the Gregora sector!


Yes well… It probably isn’t the very best name for a sector, but that is not the point anyway! Gregora sector is my one-man project I have been working on for a while now. My goal here is to create and write the history of an entire Imperial sector all the way from M34 to M41. Above I have this map I created with Artflow-app on my old Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition -tablet. I do have a little perversion towards all kinds of maps so I might just do this again as it happens to be made in a little small resolution… shame on me. The map was inspired of the well-known and well-liked Eisenhorn series’ map about the Scarus sector written by Dan Abnett in early 2000s. Now as I look the map… I really think I should just do it all again… it is a bit plain to be honest.

Sub-sectors of Gregora

However, however, however. I have written some stuff about it, so here is the fluff about the four sub-sectors of Gregora:

Sub-sector A2631

Colloqually known as “Stick ‘n stone worlds” or just “stone worlds“, A2631 is the most redundant of all the sub-sectors of Gregora. Consisting of six inhabited worlds A2631 is all about forgotten pride and success.

When the capitol of Gregora was changed into Cunan of D0112 sub-sector after the 3rd Gregoran Reformation, A2631 began to lose its influence and power rapidly. After Scarlet Beasts lost their homeworld Silvia, A2631’s feral worlds became their recruiting grounds which greatly reduced the valuable minerals drawn from Skars and manpower from Vigil. This did not last long, however, and when the Astartes crusaders ventured further away from Gregora the worlds were freed of their partial tithe-exemptions pushing A2631 into rise again after late-M36 and the Flesios Incursion. Uprising of Bertha League also saw A2631 to rise in the eyes of Imperial offices for its unwavering loyalty. The 9th and 10th Gregoran Reformations at the end of M37 put A2631 into decline again by grinding the sub-sector’s civilised population into fifth of what it used to be. Since then sub-sector has struggled to keep its name on the lips of their neighbours with little to no success at all.

Sub-sector B3247

Sometimes called “Big Bertha“, the sub-sector B3247 is the most stable of all the sub-sectors. Housing 15 Imperial worlds in total, it surpasses the population of sub-sector D0112 easily, but is otherwise less important due the nature of basic civilised worlds. Two of the fifteen worlds are feudal worlds and part of the “Three Knights“. This sub-sector also contains the world of Silvia, which usually is counted towards the sub-sector’s worlds even if it has been uninhabitable to human life since year 22 of the 35th millennium.

Sub-sector C1325

Located between the stable B3247 and unstable D0112, sub-sector C1325 has been influenced a bit by both of the sub-sectors. Twelve Imperial worlds are located within the sub-sector. Uncertain amount of alien infested rebel worlds do exist within the borders of the sub-sector but attempts to eradicate them have yet been unsuccesful

Sub-sector D0112

Colloqually known as the “Queens“, Gregora-D0112 is the first and foremost of the sub-sectors, consists of twelve planets of which all are of great value to the Imperium and sector alike. Their industrious output is rivalled only by the great forges of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Sub-sector’s capital acts as the sector’s capital too

About Gregora fan-fluff

My main platform for writing 40k fanon, is the Wikia-hosted 40kfanon wiki, where I have been an administrator for a quite some time now. I tend to be one arbitrary shite, but hey, I love it, and the mess there before I came around… it had nothing to do with a wiki. However, now as I have this place up and running, I might just as well provide you dear lovely readers with some fan-fluff of mine here too.



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